May 8, 2019

Expected Outcomes of the Workshop

Tech4Seva is an initiative to facilitate the major stakeholders of social change – Corporates, Scientific and Research Institutes and social organizations, primarily aiming to diffuse technologies to the weaker sections of society so that they derive benefit in terms of quality education, reduced drudgery, enhanced income and an improved quality of life. The workshop will put in place a mechanism to ensure knowledge and information exchange among different stakeholders. Tech4Seva will provide:

  • Excellent opportunities to research organizations and industries to showcase their innovations which are relevant to the society.
  • An excellent opportunity to connect solution-seeker to solution-provider.
  • Excellent opportunities to voluntary social organizations, NGOs and grass-roots level institutions of governance to share their problems with the scientific community.
  • Excellent opportunities to Participating Institutes (PIs) of UBA for gradual movement towards holistic development of the chosen cluster – using modern scientific and technological knowledge.
  • Opportunity to organizations working among small, medium and cottage industries to identify the thrust areas. With this workshop entrepreneur/start-ups will be able to identify potential economic activities.
  • Opportunities of networking to voluntary social organizations and NGOs working on convergence of Science & Technology and social relevance as implementers of change in New India.

The detailed documentation of the outcome of the workshop will be made available as a technical support to UBA PIs, and social organizations engaged in community development especially in rural areas. R&D institutions shall get directly exposed to the real needs of the people and the ground realities. In the process, a bank of unaddressed technological needs of society will be created which may become a dynamic source of live projects for students, research scholars and faculty in the professional institutes.