Focus is on augmenting national capacity with application of health technologies and innovations to improve efficiency of healthcare delivery system. Brainstorming sessions will help to promote the Technology Outreach as Enabler for Inclusive, Sustainable and Affordable Healthcare
(Novel Ideas and Technologies for accessible, sustainable and affordable in Health Care )

The successful triangle for healthcare consists of accessibility, affordability and quality. In order to deliver affordable and sustainable healthcare it is important to take into consideration the communities that we serve. The healthcare system is among the most significant domains that impacts globally and is linked to the development of any country. The health of any economy is dependent on the health of its population. Novel and innovative solutions in the domain of healthcare are the need of an hour.

(India as Manufacturing Hub for Global Health)

It is stated that the post covid world would be based on five pillars - Economy, Infrastructure, System, Demography, and Demand. The strength of any country in the current times will depend on the support it provides to startups and businesses based on innovative concepts. Supporting enterprises in the manufacturing sectors across the different domains of healthcare delivery will help the economies to bounce back and reach new heights.

(Technology for recouping environment)

The era of green tech and Ayurveda is on rise now and is growing steadily with digital transformation. Use of green technology is on rise with new innovative ways to make environmental friendly changes in daily life. The use of eco friendly resources reduces the amount of waste and pollution that are created during production and consumption activities, thereby reducing the health risks to population at large. The recent decade has witnessed many landmark observations, which have added to the scientific credentials of Ayurveda.

(Synchronize with Nature for Healthy Future)

Despite the unprecedented advancement in the Medical, Pharmacology and other technologies the dream of Health and wellness for all is still elusive to mankind. The increased use of technology also led to some undesired effects on health & wellness. Deployment of Innovative & Disruptive Technology for striking a balance between the mankind and the nature is the need of the Hour. Let us not only promote the eco-friendly technologies but also innovate the out of box solutions to regain our wasted natural sources. Let us synchronize the technology with Nature instead of conquering the nature.